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Since its formation in 1989, the Congo Square Preservation Society (formerly known as the Congo Square Foundation) has been the major community-based organization to resurrect programming activities in historic Congo Square.

The foundation has sponsored clean-up campaigns, garden planting, free drumming workshops, 24-hour Drumming for Life Vigils, lectures, logo and essay contests, historic research, and erected the historic Congo Square plaque in 1997.

Our most significant accomplishment was the successful campaign to place Congo Square on the National Register of Historic Places on January 27, 1993.


  • These celebrations took place throughout the 1990s to highlight the African, Caribbean, and Native American roots of New Orleans culture.  The festival sponsored performances by over fifty New Orleans and nationally performing artists.
  • Festival Highlights included:
  • 24-hour drumming for life vigil
  • Saxophone tribute to John Coltrane led by Edward “Kidd” Jordan
  • Trumpet tribute to Louis Armstrong led by Clyde Kerr, Jr.
  • Senegalese master drummer Mor Thiam backed by New Orleans’ Bamboula 2000
  • A Night of Film Under the Stars
  • Kumbuka African Drum and Dance Collective, Calinda
  • Project Iroko with Bill Summers


The mission of the Congo Square Preservation Society is to:


1)  Preserve and foster respect for New Orleans’ indigenous traditions and historic places through cultural and educational programming.

2)  Undertake, support and promote research on Congo Square’s history and significance in the cultural and economic development of New Orleans and the world.

3)  Promote public awareness of Congo Square’s history and significance as well as vanguard its depiction in all print and electronic media.

4)  Ensure that the economic development of Congo Square results in the betterment of local African-American communities.

5)  Provide a group life insurance policy through the Rhodes Insurance Company. 

6)  Serve as a voice of consensus regarding all aspects of Congo Square on the input and direction of our local, national and international membership.

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