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Dr. Denise L. Graves

Denise is a community pastor who employs applied education techniques to build the Kingdom of God on earth through personal coaching, spiritual counselling and organizational consulting.  As a parent of 7 adult children, 20 year faith based community strategies organizer, international missionary, Chaplin of the New Orleans Skaters Association, community pastor and former youth pastor, she knows the power of God as expressed through people.  As a sacred text scholar, she engages theological underpinnings, social context comparatives and life healing intent to speak to the heart of Gods’ people.


Denise minored in African American Studies and explored dance therapy at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Through ballet, modern and African Dance performances her classroom and community students developed clear body, spirit and cultural confidence.  Working to build organizational infrastructure for effectiveness, longevity, abundance and influence is the goal of her company, Peace Ministry.  Teaching cultural competency through drumming, dance, administration and counselling clearly keeps the legacy of her mother, Mildred L. Graves alive.


As a graduate of the St. Paul School of Theology, University of Kansas and the American Institute for Holistic Theology, Dr. Graves spends her time hosting bi-weekly prayer conference calls, coaching and counseling individuals, couples and families. One of the community projects Rev. Graves works with is the Birthing Project. For the past year she has served as the Parent Advocacy Trainer, written articles on 21st Century leadership, SUFOC participant and recently her role has shifted to identifying and creating parent opportunities to act in agency and advocacy in community.


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